What To Consider When Trading In Your Car

//What To Consider When Trading In Your Car

Trading in your car is not something you should do on the whim. You won’t believe the horror stories of terrible mistakes so many unfortunate Australians have made when trading in their car.

The biggest problem is that as a nation, we’re quite trusting, which is a great quality – but when it comes to trading in your car, it’s normally better to err on the side of caution.

For this reason, here are tips to consider before the actual trade-in:

  • Ask Around

There’s always something to be said about asking around. The more you ask the more you’ll learn. You should find out what your car is really worth. Make sure that you get more than one opinion to ensure you’re getting the most value and that you’re looking at all the options, including car finance brokers.

  • Narrow Your Options

It’s generally a good idea to narrow your search to a couple of brokers or dealers. It should be easy to eliminate dealers that you believe don’t offer you the best value or don’t have your best interests at heart. However, you shouldn’t be too stubborn about what you think you can get for your car. Sometimes it’s worth a little less than what you think.

  • Go Where The Value Is

Once you’ve settled on the offers you believe are the best and you’ve finalised what your car is worth, you’ll need to work out which one offers you the most value – both for your trade-in and for your new car purchase.

If you’re purchasing through a car broker, make sure to provide all your financial information and ask lots of questions to ensure you get the best finance possible.

  • Other Recommendations

– Consider the deal as a whole; how much difference will there be in the changeover figure.

– Consider selling the car privately. This can eliminate some issues with time, roadworthy testing and certificates, marketing, tyre kickers and reconditioning.

– Check the trade pricing with a trusted industry source, such as Simply Finance.

If you’re after more direct advice so you can start to plan your car trade-in, contact Simply Finance today

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