Simply Finance – Sale and Lease back exclusive offer.

Here at Simply finance, we have the unique position to be able to offer our existing and new clients the ability to free up working capital on their vehicles.  Whether they be fully owned, or under finance.

Great things to note:

  • Interest rates are VERY LOW right now
  • We may be able to restructure the loan to reduce your repayments and increase your cash flow
  • NEW government immediate asset write off:
    • You may well be eligible to right off the asset completely as a new purchase*
      • Claim the depreciation as well!
      • *if under $150,000 and your company turns over less than $500 Million annually
      • if over $150,000, then you can claim up to 50%
      • If you have previously claimed the instant asset write off, this is your chance to upgrade your current asset and not incur a large profit on sale as you are replacing it.
        • (please consult your accountant for tax advice)

Here’s how the process would work:

  • Highlight the vehicle you would like to refinance.

    • Make
    • Model (as much info as possible)
    • Manufactured year
    • VIN (if possible)
    • Engine number (if possible)
    • Estimated vale (if known)
  • Your business

    • Name
    • ABN

Once we have this information:

we can start working a solution for you, to realise the capital value of it, in the following ways:

  • No current finance owing on the vehicle:

    • “Sell/dispose” the vehicle to our automotive team
    • We invoice the vehicle back to you
    • We finance the invoice amount (with your selected lender and finance conditions).
      • The new financed amount to be funded back to our account
      • We will transfer the funds into your account
  • Current finance owing on the vehicle.

    • “Sell/dispose” the vehicle to our automotive team
    • We invoice the vehicle back to you
    • We finance the invoice amount.
      • We pay out the existing finance owing on the vehicle
      • Create a new amount to be funded back to your account to increase your cashflow ability

Please note, this is a very specialised service that we are able to offer our clients.

We will be checking with the PPSR registry to ensure we have the right vehicle and encumbrance details.

As always, please consult your accountant for tax advice before proceeding with any of these options.

Please do call us, if only to discuss the idea further.