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Personalised insurance tailored to suit your needs

At Simply Finance, we know all about unpredictability, so we’ve got you covered with a range of customised comprehensive car insurance and vehicle protection options. Our team of consultants will seamlessly work through your needs, lifestyle and goals to customise the right car insurance quote for you.

Simply put, whatever your budget, car or driving situation, Simply Finance has you fully protected through an extensive network of banking partners and auto specialists.

Car Insurance

Simply Finance offers a range of different car insurances to protect your vehicle as well as your finances based on your unique needs and risks. This will ensure you’re afforded maximum protection from potential financial difficulties and logistical inconveniences in adverse situations

Comprehensive insurance

Get the highest level of comprehensive cover for your car.


  • Protects your vehicle and others’
  • Cover damages caused by extreme weather
  • Save on repair costs
  • Secure a hire car when yours is in the shop

Comprehensive Insurance offers you the highest security with minimised out of pocket expenses resulting from accidental loss or damages to your car as well as another’s vehicle or property. We know it’s not all sunshine, so we have also covered you for extreme weather damages under this plan with lifetime guarantee on any repairs 

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Extended vehicle warranty

Protect yourself from any costs around mechanical failures


  • No-excess claims made
  • Extend your warranty from one to five years
  • Unlimited claims during your cover period
  • Cover privately purchased vehicles

Expensive and unexpected repairs once your manufacturer or dealer warranty has expired can be crippling yet remain a cheaper option than buying a new car. Let us customise an extended vehicle plan with no excess and unlimited claims covering you for all eventualities between one to five years.  You can even cover privately purchased vehicles.

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Loan Protection

We understand the emotional burdens and financial risks to you and your family when unexpected medical or personal events may prevent you from honouring your car loan repayments. Our Loan Protection solutions offer you a safety net

Our team can help offer information and explain any disclaimers.

Loan termination insurance

Protect yourself when you need it most with on-going monthly payment support or options to terminate your loan


  • Covers Disability as confirmed by a Medical Practitioner or Involuntary Unemployment.
  • Receive a monthly payment option benefit.
  • Choose a vehicle hand back with your dealer.

Loan Termination insurance allows you to keep your car with a monthly payment support. Alternatively, if you need to terminate the loan, you can choose to hand back the car to the dealer.  Your termination insurance will then cover the difference between the car’s market value and what’s left on the loan.

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GAP insurance

Bridge the gap between your insurance and your outstanding loan in the event of a total loss


  • We’ll cover up to the maximum shortfall benefit payable.
  • Finance contract coverage will hold up for the remainder of your Period of Insurance.
  • Lodge a claim for any private expenses.

In the event your car is stolen or written off, Gap Insurance will bridge the amount between your car’s insured value and the balance of the loan or lease contract. You can also claim an amount of private expenses incurred directly related to the total vehicle loss (like meals, car hire, etc.).

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Consumer Credit Insurance

This includes Disability Cover and Disability and Involuntary Unemployment Cover.


  • For Disability, we’ll pay 1/30th of your Monthly Repayment daily up to the limit, excluding excess periods.
  • For Involuntary Unemployment, we’ll pay 1/30th of your Monthly Repayment up to the benefit limit and excluding excess.
  • Speak to our team for disclaimers and information.

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) in the event of a disability or involuntary unemployment helps maintain your credit rating by covering your minimum car loan monthly repayments.  In the event of death, the CCI will pay out and settle your outstanding loan debts in a lump sum.

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How much is vehicle protection? 

Vehicle Protection and extended car warranty rates will vary between drivers and cars based on several factors, including the insurance plan required, type and age of vehicle, car primary use, and mileage.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable Simply Finance team to work out a Vehicle Protection Plan to suit you.

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Do you offer protection for rideshare drivers?

As a Rideshare driver, you’ll be out on the roads way more than most people, bringing increased risk to your vehicle.  Your Compulsory Third Party (CTP or ‘Greenslip) plus any basic cover your rideshare platform employer will offer you are limited to damages you cause to others. As a rideshare driver, your car is now your livelihood, so you’ll want to know you are fully protected at all times.  If you take a hit, your car is fully insured under our Comprehensive Cover.

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