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Adventure calling? With a range of flexible lending options to choose from, years of industry experience and personalised advice, we make securing the right motor vehicle loan simple. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re planning to upgrade from your current model, we have a rate to suit every kind of outdoor adventure.

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Stable, secure and agile

Get straightforward financing with a secure loan. Your RV, campervan or camper trailer will be used as a secure guarantee against your chosen loan, giving you the long-term stability of consistent repayment amounts and an ongoing fixed interest rate. If for any reason you’re in a position where you can’t pay your loan, your RV, campervan or camper trailer will be sold and its value will go towards the repayment sum. Any unpaid balance is the consumer’s responsibility. A loan repayment calculator can help you to figure out which loan is going to be most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

  • Enjoy a fixed interest rate
  • Flexible loan lengths ranging from one to five years
  • Pay your way with a set repayment schedule

Secure, stable, reliable

A personal loan can give you the funds you need to pay for the caravan of your dreams or the add-ons you need to complete your camping collection. If you’re on the hunt for competitive rates, flexible terms that suit you and your budget, and a steady repayment schedule, a personal loan is a great option for you. Your model of choice can be used as security to reduce your interest rate and repayment amounts.

  • Flexible funding for your caravan
  • Competitive rates
  • Secure your loan for a reduced interest rate

Flexible, secure and scheduled

If you’re using your model for business purposes, a chattel mortgage is a great, secure option for your caravan loan. Under a chattel mortgage, your chosen lender buys your vehicle, then registers a mortgage, sets a fixed interest rate and organises an ongoing repayment agreement with you. And because you’re using your RV, caravan or camper trailer for business, you’ll benefit from tax-deductible interest charges and depreciation.

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible loan lengths ranging from one to seven years
  • Residual value or balloon repayments available

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