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Hit the wide open road with great value motor home, RV or campervan finance from the experts at Simply Finance. With more lending options to choose from, we make finance simple – which means those holiday dreams and road trips around and across Australia are closer than ever!

  • Available or private motor home sales
  • Quick and simple online application
  • No obligation pre-approval
  • Flexible loan options
  • Trusted Australian lenders
  • New and used motor homes

Let Simply Finance help you get the best deal on your new motor home!

Don’t risk paying too much for your new motor home or campervan. The vehicle purchasing division of Simply Finance, Simply Automotive, has the industry contacts, systems and superior purchasing power to offer you better service, a better deal and the best value finance when it comes to buying the vehicle of your choice.

Applying for a Simply Finance motor home loan is easy!

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Which kind of motor home loan is best for you?

Simply Finance offers two motor home loan options; talk to us and we’ll arrange the best one to suit you.

Secured personal motor home loans

A loan for the full cost of the motor home, which is then used as security for the loan.

  • Stability of a fixed interest rate
  • Flexible loan lengths between 1–5 years
  • Set repayment schedule

Chattel Mortgage

If you use your motor home for business purposes for at least 51% of the time, this loan option allows you to own your vehicle from the start.

  • Fixed interest rate
  • 1-7 year loan length
  • Possible tax benefits
  • Residual value or balloon payments available


Under a chattel mortgage, your lender agrees to purchase the motor home, and you agree to make regular repayments. The lender registers a mortgage on the vehicle, with interest rates fixed for the life of the loan. The advantage of this loan for small business is that if the vehicle is used for business purposes, interest charges and depreciation on the vehicle may be tax deductible.
If you want a straightforward loan with the stability of your repayment amounts and interest rate fixed over the life of the loan, you can take out a secured loan. This means your motor home will be used as security (guarantee) against the loan. So if for any reason you are unable to pay off your loan, your motor home will be sold and used to reducing the remaining loan amount. Any unpaid balance will be your responsibility.

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