How To Select The Best Fleet Vehicles For Your Business

//How To Select The Best Fleet Vehicles For Your Business

Selecting a fleet of vehicles for your business is an important task. You want something that’s affordable but, at the same time you want to spend enough to ensure that your fleet will be made up of quality vehicles that are low maintenance, fuel efficient and long-lasting. Here are a few of the factors worth considering that will help you make the best decision.

  • Capacity

This is an important factor as you’ll need to consider how many people as well as what types of loads your vehicle will carry. Remember that some cars have weight limits which could prevent you from carrying full loads and depending on what you’re transporting you might need to fit shelving inside the vehicle for safe transportation of goods. The vehicle should be easy to load and unload, no matter what’s being transported.

  • Nature Of Journey

A car travelling short distances within the confines of a city will need to be differently equipped to one that has to go long distances to farms or rural areas. Your car needs to be equipped for the journeys it will most often take. One making short trips in an urban area will have different fuel efficiency needs to one completing long trips.

  • Safety

Safety is critical for protecting the vehicle’s load as well as its passengers and the vehicle itself. Most business owners are aware they need extended braking and warning signal services, but what about a tracking system in case the vehicle gets stolen? Additionally, in today’s constantly connected world, a car with a hands-free or Bluetooth system is a good investment.

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All

On the one hand, you might require a large vehicle to transport products to construction sites but at the same time, you might need a quick, compact vehicle for your salesperson to use when visiting customers and suppliers. A fleet of the same colour with the same branding will make your fleet look professional even if the cars aren’t all the same.

Often it is a good idea to discuss your fleet options with your team as they will know what type of car their roles require. Want to learn more about fleet leasing or business car finance? Simply Finance offers a range of leasing options to ensure the specific needs of your business are met. Contact us to find out more.

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