Exclusive CFMEU membership

Simply Finance and Automotive have come together with CFMEU to create a specialized offer for CFMEU members

New/Used vehicle buying

Our Simply Automotive team can save you money on buying New/Demo vehicles.  Just let them know what you want, and they can save you thousands off the new car retail pricing.

e.g. Jack is looking at the New Ford Ranger at $52,000 New purchase price.  After our brokers do what they do well, he was able to walk away with the same vehicle that was only $42,000.

Car Loan Health Check

Do you have an existing finance arrangement on your car, van or ute?  Why not have us take a look and see if we can save you money.  With very low interest rates at the moment, we should be able to reduce the rate you’re currently on.  Why not have a look and see how much money we can free up for you.

Asset Finance

We can find you some amazing rates in the marketplace, which will also help you reduce your tax for the financial year.

e.g. Jack owns a property and is a director of a company that has been trading for more than two years. Vehicle purchase can be approved without having to provide financials on a vehicle up to $150,000.

Cashflow Finance

e.g. Jack has a company that has a monthly turnover of $50,000.  Based on this he can get a lend for $40,000 to be paid back over the next 2 years.

Alternatively, he can get an ongoing redraw facility to the same value.

Debtor Finance

e.g. Jack provides stock to other businesses, but has a 30 day payment policy.  Jack can get up to 90% of the invoice amount the moment he generates the invoice, shortening the payment term to immediate.

e.g. Jack has a large payment he is waiting for but needs the funds sooner to be able to deliver on his next project. Jack can borrow against the single payment or set up a facility allowing him to bring forward any amounts owing to him, and essentially only pay when he needs the funds.

Trade and Supply Chain Finance

e.g. Jack requires additional stock to keep up with demand, but is required to make payment in full immediately.  However, his cash flow does not allow for this.  Simply Finance can assist in funding this payment by delaying it or staggering it over a longer period

e.g. Jack’s suppliers offer large discounts to stimulate demand. Jack comes to Simply Finance who can quickly source finance which is cheaper than the discount being offered allowing him to scale up his business

Progress Payment Finance

e.g. Jack is completing a job that is being paid via progress payments.  However, he needs to free up some cashflow to assist in completing the build.  Simply Finance can help in getting these progress payments upfront, to allow the  build to be funded upfront.

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