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Start your work sooner with a truck that’s good to go, exactly when you need it. Whether you’re investing in a new vehicle or your current model is begging for a few upgrades, our flexible options, fast pre-approval process and professional services will get your loan to you as soon as possible.

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Your truck loan options

A low-document (or low-doc) loan is a fast and easy way to secure financing

If you’re self-employed, a sole trader or a small business owner, the laundry list of details and documents that big banks or loan institutions ask for can be overwhelming.

Low-document loans just need proof of ID and some supporting information – simple, easy and fast!

A chattel mortgage is a great option if you use your truck for your business at least 51% of the time

Your lender of choice will purchase your vehicle, register a chattel mortgage, fix an interest rate and set up a repayment schedule agreed to by you. Get tax-deductible interest charges and depreciation if you own a small business.

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible loan lengths ranging from one to seven years
  • Residual value or balloon payments available

Get all the perks of truck ownership with none of the responsibility

Pay a fixed monthly lease or rental amount for the lifespan of your loan for ultimate business flexibility. Rest assured, asset leases are structured in line with ATO guidelines, sitting on the balance sheet as a business expense. Your options are…

  • Take ownership of your asset by paying its remaining value
  • Trade in, make a swap and switch out
  • Refinance outstanding payments

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