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Mark & Loice Picozzi, hailing from Emerald in far north Queensland, recently took delivery of their brand new Nissan Patrol Ti, all thanks to Simply Finance & Automotive. 

Their journey began when they contacted us through our union service offering, attracted by the lowest price guarantee on all new cars*. Despite offering delivery of the new car direct to their door, Mark and Loice decided to stretch their legs, flying down to Melbourne and driving their car back home to Queensland. They were able to put their new ride immediately to the test with a cross-country road trip.

What sets their experience apart is the speed and affordability with which they acquired their dream car. Originally facing a daunting 6-12 month wait for their new vehicle, Mark & Loice were delighted to receive it far quicker than expected, thanks to Simply Finance & Automotive’s efficient service. Not only did they save time, but they also managed to secure the vehicle at a cheaper price compared to their previous purchase.

“We came about using Simply Finance & Automotive through the union website. I called Bevan and explained what we wanted and left it with him. I later received a call with the news that he had the car we wanted. Plus, we needed finance which was very easy,” says Mark. 

“Approval didn’t take long and within a week we were heading to Melbourne to pick up the car. It was a very smooth process and we are very happy with the service and the car.”

Their satisfaction with the experience highlights Simply Finance & Automotive’s commitment to providing exceptional service and value to our customers. Mark and Loice’s positive experience is a testament to the benefits of choosing Simply Finance & Automotive for all your car purchasing needs.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free car buying experience with great savings, contact Simply Finance & Automotive today. We’re here to make your car buying journey smooth and affordable.

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