Getting Your Head Around Car Loan Interest Rates

There are few areas of financing that are as confusing as interest rate calculations, and how car sellers and financial institutions decide to calculate the interest rate they offer you. This means that before you apply for another loan, it’s worth understanding car loan interest rates better. Not only will a better understanding demystify [...]

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Why Australia Should Abolish The Luxury Car Tax

Since 1979, successive Australian governments have imposed some form oftax on luxury vehicles, but it wasn’t until 2000 when the Liberal government introduced the Luxury Car Tax (LCT). In line with the establishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it was introduced to encourage buyers to purchase locally-manufactured vehicles over imported prestige vehicles. [...]

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This Is How To Save Money On Your Car

With so many expenses to factor in for your car, we’re here to tell you that you should always view your car as an expense and endeavour to cut your costs in as many ways as you can. With this in mind, here are some steps you can take to save as much as you [...]

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Your Budgeting Tips For A Car Loan

With daily living expenses constantly on the rise, it can seem difficult to be able to secure a car loan in Melbourne. However, getting one is very achievable, especially if you implement these useful tips. Tip 1: Honesty is the best policy It makes no sense to start the conversation with your broker with [...]

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Four Reasons Your Car Loan Application Might Be Declined

If your car loan application has not been approved, then you most likely have a lot of questions about why it has occurred. Lenders don’t always provide you with exact reasons why you were declined, which is why you should do everything you can to get your credit rating in order so you’re more likely [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Unsecured And Secured Loans?

Australians seeking finance for their vehicles have options for different types of car loans. Most people will generally seek the option of a secured loan as it offers a lower rate and faster approval. Then there’s the option of an unsecured loan, which offers alternative benefits to car owners. With pro’s and con’s for both, [...]

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What To Consider When Trading In Your Car

Trading in your car is not something you should do on the whim. You won’t believe the horror stories of terrible mistakes so many unfortunate Australians have made when trading in their car. The biggest problem is that as a nation, we’re quite trusting, which is a great quality – but when it comes to [...]

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How Does A Chattel Car Loan Work?

Australian companies looking to purchase their commercial vehicles using a car finance broker have found chattel mortgages to be one of the most practicable solutions because of the benefits and versatile options on offer. What is a chattel mortgage? A chattel mortgage is, simply explained, when a business owner asks a lender (usually a [...]

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What You Need To Know About The Balloon Payment For Your Car

Using a balloon payment option can be a great option when you’re purchasing your next vehicle, but there are some important considerations you have to think about first. We’ve taken the time to list four questions you need to ask before signing up for balloon payments. Will you be able to get the car [...]

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