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How Does A Car Loan Affect Your Credit Rating?

Having a good credit record comes in handy for when you want to apply for certain loan products. It determines the credit risks that are associated with loaning you money. Having a low credit score limits your chances of a loan approval, but there are many ways you can improve your credit score, one [...]

2018-05-15T10:29:33+00:00 May 3rd, 2018|Car Loan|0 Comments

What Happens If You Don’t Make Your Car Loan Repayments

Feeling the financial pinch? If so, you aren’t alone. According to the Reserve Bank, the average ratio of household debt to disposable income has reached record highs, indicating that a number of Australian households are struggling to meet their financial obligations. For most, the two biggest monthly costs faced are property and vehicle finance [...]

2018-05-01T07:42:07+00:00 April 26th, 2018|Buy New Car|0 Comments

How A Pre-Approval Will Help Your Car Loan Process

Everyone in the process of buying a car dreams of the moment they’ll get to say, ‘I’ll take it’, before driving away with it. Now, imagine seeing the car of your dreams at an amazing price – but because you haven’t sorted out your finance options yet, you can’t secure it then and there. [...]

2018-05-01T07:36:35+00:00 April 13th, 2018|Car Loan|0 Comments

The Best Ways To Retain The Value Of Your Car

Much like the way technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, cars too can become outdated over time. What this means is that the car you buy today, will be worth a fair bit less over the years as newer models get released with updated features. Whether you’d like to remain driving the [...]

2018-10-11T02:22:41+00:00 April 5th, 2018|News|0 Comments

Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Balloon Payment

If you’ve decided on taking out a balloon repayment option, you may be concerned about the prospect of not being able to pay it at the end of your car loan. But if you plan out your finances to ensure you can make the balloon payment, there are several ways you can benefit: Here [...]

2018-04-10T23:27:11+00:00 March 28th, 2018|News|0 Comments

The “Add-Ons” To Your Car Loan You Need To Know About

When you’re in the process of purchasing a new car, it’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of an impulse buy – especially with a well-trained salesperson giving you all the motivation you need to say “yes”. But before you go ahead and sign away, it’s incredibly important that you consider [...]

2018-04-09T10:18:06+00:00 March 9th, 2018|Car Loan|0 Comments

Getting Your Head Around Car Loan Interest Rates

There are few areas of financing that are as confusing as interest rate calculations, and how car sellers and financial institutions decide to calculate the interest rate they offer you. This means that before you apply for another loan, it’s worth understanding car loan interest rates better. Not only will a better understanding demystify [...]

2018-03-08T12:50:50+00:00 February 14th, 2018|Car Loan|0 Comments

Why Australia Should Abolish The Luxury Car Tax

Since 1979, successive Australian governments have imposed some form oftax on luxury vehicles, but it wasn’t until 2000 when the Liberal government introduced the Luxury Car Tax (LCT). In line with the establishment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), it was introduced to encourage buyers to purchase locally-manufactured vehicles over imported prestige vehicles. [...]

2018-02-05T04:58:49+00:00 February 6th, 2018|Luxury Car|0 Comments